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Faliero Masi – the founder of Masi – will be forever known as ‘the tailor’. He had a very modern approach to bicycle design, as he thought it necessary for a bicycle to be made exactly for the rider and their chosen discipline, hand-building the frames himself like a suit.

He famously solved the leg-pains of Fiorenzi Magni when working as a mechanic, saving the riders career and leading him to continued success. It was for this reason, that riders like Eddy Merckx would seek out Faliero’s skillful hands, safe in the knowledge that the resulting bicycle would be the perfect fit. Models like the Gran Criterium and Prestige were born out of this mould, and are still revered by racers and enthusiasts around the globe.

Classic and vintage Masi models

Masi Gran Criterium - The Gran Criterium is Masi’s most famous bicycle. First manufactured in the 1970s, the frame design evolved after Faliero Masi supplied none other than Eddy Merckx with a race bike in 1967.

Masi Prestige - One of the most typical bicycles you will find in any serious collection. The Masi Prestige is a true masterpiece, crafted by the famous frame builder from Milan. Prestige models of this era are hard to find due to their desirability.

Masi 3V Volumetrica - In the early 1980s, Alberto Masi had an idea; to combine extremely advanced oversized steel tubing with internal lugs. After several experiments, in 1984, Masi Milano released the first Masi 3V Volumetrica to the world.

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