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Gianni Motta

Gianni Motta – born in Lombardy, Italy – was a racer, frame-builder and man of passion. Winner of the Giro d’Italia, Gianni was part of the golden era of cycling, competing against the greats of Merckx and Moser. Naturally, his Italian heritage and passion for cycling would lead him towards being a frame builder, following the footsteps of De Rosa and Colnago before him.

His bicycles became synonymous with speed; stiff and agile for impressive power transmission built with quality worthy of le peloton. This was somewhat in contrast to other more flamboyant Italian frame-builders of the era, who would often favour comfort and style over outright speed.

Their racing pedigree makes Gianni’s bicycles stand out from the crowd, especially since many of them were brightly painted with the national colours of Italy. We have seen many of his speed-focused bicycles throughout our time, and they are forgotten gems of Italy’s cycling heritage.

Classic and vintage Gianni Motta models

Gianni Motta Personal 2001R - The Personal 2001R represents the best of Italy’s frame building skills of the 80s and 90s. The frame was made of rare Oria GM steel tubes that, uniquely, have 8 parallel reinforcing ridges.

Gianni Motta Personal - Gianni Motta's most prestigious model was the Personal. This bicycle was always ahead of the mainstream; with fine lugging and refined tubing that made this model a finely crafted masterpiece.

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