About Steel Vintage Bikes

Steel Vintage Bikes Team

About Steel Vintage Bikes

Since 2012, Steel Vintage Bikes has been the premiere destination for rare, classic and Vintage Bicycles. Operating from our workshop and showroom in Berlin, Germany, our love for the golden age of cycling is fueled by our passion to connect people to the history, quality and craftsmanship of handmade steel bikes.

In addition to classic bicycles and components, Steel Vintage Bikes carefully curates a selection of Modern Steel frames and builds from today’s most sought after framebuilders. We also carry an evolving range of apparel and accessories that are perfect gifts for the cyclist in your life.

Our cycling obsessed team, like our bikes, hail from around the world. We are here to help you find the perfect ride!

We are the only destination for bicycles approved for Eroica events, the finest collections and – of course – the enjoyment of riding.

Why Steel Vintage Bikes?

Over the years, we have developed relationships with collectors from around Europe. Every vintage bicycle we purchase is carefully vetted for authenticity and current condition. After identifying the era, we equip these bikes with components that honor the period in which they were ridden. Our secret is our very own time machine. Our world class workshop, builds these bikes up to their former glory. No detail is too small and we ensure our bikes look and ride as if they were brand new.

Many of our bikes are collectors pieces, but we believe EVERY bike is a unique work of art. As such, we only use the best couriers and packaging methods to ship worldwide. Our reputation speaks for itself as we have delivered over 2500 bikes around the globe.

Video produced by Jonathan Mortimer: jonmortimer@mac.com.

Cycle Café in Berlin-Mitte

Our cycle café is our soul. Much of what we do is over email and phone, but our café, located in the Berlin neighborhood of Mitte, gives us the chance to meet and hang out with our cycling family.

Whether talking about our latest 2 wheeled adventure or debating the best caffeine delivery vehicle (we think it’s espresso), our café and showroom displays a selection from more than 300 classic, vintage, and modern steel bicycles & frames. Stop in for a coffee and say hello!